Memories and Blessings

Most of my posts so far have been ministry or Scripture related, but I thought it might be time to give you a little glimpse into something I have done this summer! Over the last couple of years, I have enjoyed getting to learn how to can fruits and vegetables. This is something that my MawMaw (my mom’s mother) did regularly to preserve the harvest from her huge garden!! (My husband’s favorite peas are the Zipper Creams that MawMaw used to can and give us when she came to visit. It was a sad day when we opened and ate the last jar she had given us!) In addition to canning things like green beans and peas, she made pickles, relishes, jams, jellies, and soup starters. The more I have learned about canning, the more I realize just how much work my MawMaw put into those jars of fruits and vegetables that we enjoyed! This summer marked 10 years since MawMaw went to Heaven, and I have thought about her a lot as I canned in my kitchen! Continue reading “Memories and Blessings”