Book Review #1: When Others Make Your Life Difficult

Difficult life Let’s face it: sometimes life is just plain hard! There are times that we bring the hardship on ourselves because of disobedience to God’s Word or refusal to walk in God’s ways. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves in difficult situations because of the decisions that other people have made. In effect, we become the collateral damage of their disobedience or bad choices!

Often, conflict in the physical world is rooted in Spiritual warfare. When that conflict makes its presence known in our lives through the hurt we receive at the hands of others, we are faced with important decisions. Will we become angry at the injustice done to us and allow bitterness to take root? Will we repay hurt for hurt? Will we, instead, practice forgiveness and extend mercy? Will we show a gracious, Christ-like spirit in spite of our hurt?

Though this book is only 72 pages, it is packed with Scripture to encourage those who are facing difficulties in life. The short, easy-to-read chapters also contain personal stories and practical application that make it a must-read for anyone struggling to make sense of life’s hard times. Both teens and adults could glean encouragement and hope from the Bible principles discussed here.

This book can be purchased for $2.99 from


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