If I Never Had a Sorrow

sun-and-rain-shannon-story-7250I am currently mulling over a few different topics for my next article, but I thought I would share a couple of blogs that have been an encouragement to me recently. My husband has begun writing a series of articles about dealing with hurt. He has posted the first two already, and I have been blessed by what he has written. You can view them at his blog, http://www.iknowwhom.com. Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to make a quick, last minute trip up to Avon, Indiana, to see Jennifer, a college friend of mine who was in town for a pastor’s wives meeting. Though we only had a little while to chat (while we shopped at Goodwill – Who can beat that combination?!), I thoroughly enjoyed our time. She introduced me to another wonderful pastor’s wife named Leah, who blogs at http://embracingrace.com. I believe this was a God-ordained meeting, as I needed some encouragement that day! Leah, Jennifer, and the other ladies in their group were and have continued to be an answer to prayer! Last Sunday, a special speaker at church read this poem at the conclusion of his message. (It was written by his wife, Ashley Allen. You can check out her blog at http://lcid-counsel.blogspot.com) It spoke to my heart, and I thought maybe you would enjoy it, too.

If I never had a sorrow,
What would joy mean to me?
And if I never worried about tomorrow,
What would my prayer life be?
If a loved one never died,
What would memories mean?
And if I had never cried,
On who would I learn to lean?
If a friend was never lost,
For a real one would I yearn?
If my mistakes never cost,
What would I ever learn
If i’d never been forsaken,
Would the truth I ever see?
If I didn’t take the path less taken,
On the right path would I be?
If I never went without,
Would I value a meal?
If hurt never came about,
How would I learn to heal?
If I always knew what to do,
On who would I depend?
If hard times I never knew,
Help to others could I lend?
If I never failed a test of life,
Would I learn to start again?
If I never had any strife,
Real victory would I win?
If a trial I never had,
Who would I have grown to be?
And if times had never been bad,
What would have become of me?

How about you? Are you struggling today? Does the storm you are in seem to be a never-ending cycle of hurt, pain, and despair? Learn to lean on Jesus, and take heart: you will see the sunshine again on the other side of your storm!!


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